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Hiring Advice Hiring process Maximize Your Hiring Potential with the New and Improved jobsdb Job Ads
Maximize Your Hiring Potential with the New and Improved jobsdb Job Ads

Maximize Your Hiring Potential with the New and Improved jobsdb Job Ads

          Talent acquisition is constantly evolving to meet the demands of changing job markets and adapt with the increasing use of the internet. As a result, hirers have become more attuned to use online platforms to find the most relevant talents for their company.

          In the past, talent acquisition was largely a manual process and the focus was primarily getting positions filled. In the advent of online job boards, the processes have become more evolved with a slight shift of focus towards attaining more practical business outcomes in terms of time and cost as well as quality of hires and conversion.

          jobsDB ran a study on the resources Thai job seekers use when looking for jobs and found that online job platforms remain far ahead in terms of candidate preference. In fact, about 79% of candidates prefer to use online resources (both desktop and mobile) instead of using some other traditional means like newspaper ads or word of mouth.

          The result of the study demonstrates not only the growing prevalence of online job search but also the increasing need for hirers to streamline their talent acquisition practices – and change it if necessary – to accommodate changing job seeker behavior.

          Using the internet for talent acquisition is no longer just an optional part of a company’s hiring strategy. In today’s world, any strategy that does not utilize the internet will not be very effective.

          As one of the most preferred job portals in Thailand, jobsDB remains committed to provide hirers with all the tools and services they need to find success in today’s ever-challenging job market.

          With the new and improved jobsDB job ads, you can effectively maximize your hiring potential and ultimately find the right talent for your company. Learn more about the new and improved jobsDB job ads and how it can help you succeed using the infographic below.

          More powerful than ever, the Recruitment Centre helps you do everything in one place with ease, speed and efficiency like you’ve never experienced before.

          A host of user-friendly features ensure that you can easily do everything on your own - from posting job ads to processing candidates.

          Get the support you need to help you find just the right talent. JobsDB’s strong customer support will ensure that you will have the best hiring experience.

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