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The Jobsdb Signature Report Series

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    Signature Reports

    Decoding Global Talent 2024

    Hiring, Compensation, & Benefits Report 2024 ⁠(SEA Edition)

    Hiring, Compensation, & Benefits Report 2024

    Salary Guide 2023: The Latest Salary Insights for Today’s Hiring

    What Tech Jobseekers Wish Employers Knew

    What Jobseekers Wish Employers Knew

    2022-2023 Outlook: Hiring, Compensation & Benefits

    Job Outlook Report 2022: The Rise to Recovery

    Jobsdb August 2022

    Salary Report 2022 the Big Reveal

    Decoding Digital Talent: What are digital workers looking for?

    Decoding Digital Talent: Where do people want to work?

    Decoding Global Talent: How do people want to work?

    Decoding Global Talent: What jobs do people want to do?

    Job Market Update June 2020


    Jobsdb's Total Talent Sourcing Solutions

    Candidate Fact Sheet

    HR Hangout

    SEEKTALKS : JUNE 2024 - Better matches, better advice: make your people skills marvellous with the DISC model.

    SEEKTALKS : MARCH 2024 - Boost productivity and manage time more effectively with the Pomodoro Technique

    SEEKTALKS : NOVEMBER 2023 - How To Manage Generation Gap in the Workplace

    SEEKTALKS: JULY 2023 - Dealing with employee burnout syndrome

    SEEKTALKS: APRIL 2023 - Food Passion’s expert tips for hiring

    SEEKTALKS: MARCH 2023 - Future of recruitment… from new normal to next normal

    SEEKTALKS: FEBRUARY 2023 - Digital HR towards practical implementation in organizations.

    SEEKTALKS: JANUARY 2023 - Culture Management: The importance of organizational culture and how HR can contribute to its creation.

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