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Market Insights Workforce insights Jobsdb suggests organizations providing opportunity for employees to enhance working efficiency and improve happiness
Jobsdb suggests organizations providing opportunity for employees to enhance working efficiency and improve happiness

Jobsdb suggests organizations providing opportunity for employees to enhance working efficiency and improve happiness

          April 20, 2018 - jobsDB (Thailand) reported Thai employee happiness index, found 3 key factors increase employees happiness; convenient work location and the possibility of working wherever they want, company reputation, and relationship with colleagues.

          jobsDB’s 2017 Happiness Index Report of employees revealed that of the 1,108 respondents, 60% of them are happy with their work with 4.55 points of happiness index.  Although the rating decreases from 2016 it conforms with the happiness index tendency in the next 6 months which will be lower to 4.51 points. The top five happiest employees are those who specialized in; Management (4.95 points), Admin and HR (4.94 points), Engineering (4.86 points), IT (4.74 points), and Transportation (4.73 points).

          Comparing the happiness index among respondents in other ASEAN countries surveyed namely Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, Thai employees ranked the 5th (Slipping two spots from last year) behind Indonesia (5.27), Vietnam (5.19), the Philippines (4.97), and Malaysia (4.65). While Hong Kong and Singapore clocked in the lowest optimism index at 4.45 and 4.31, respectively.

          Report showed that Fresh Grads or employees with less than one-year work experience are the least happy rating at 4.35 points, followed by officers with 1- 4 year work experience at 4.45 points.  While the top executive is the happiest level giving the average at 5.19 points. For manager and supervisor levels scaled at 4.64 and 4.54 points, respectively.

          When asking about factors improving employee happiness in the next six months, 37% of Thai respondents would rather look for better opportunities and get a new job elsewhere. 20% will consider sticking it out with their current job as long as they get a salary increase while 8% will be happier should they get more recognized or promoted at work.

          In the past, people would consider a job with stability and security, due to their putting priority on life improvement in various dimensions; from career path to setting up a family.  Therefore, they now resulted in moving up to executive level while new generation employees put a high premium on “inspiration” as a factor considering a job and organization. This group of employees are not self-imposed by framing themself to the safe zone with stability and money, because they, said to be, having no loyalty to the organization.  However, both generations hold common factors influencing happiness are the convenient work location, company reputation and rapport with colleagues.

          On the flipside, the factors that could turn-down their happiness and make they leave the company are; working with the inefficient executives, career under development, and having no challenges for them to develop their working skills.

          Throughout last year, there were many signs of changes affecting the labor market such as the growth of aging society, invasion of Robot and AI technology, as well as the growth of startups which attract new generations who prefer to be self-employed and alter themselves as startups.  Moreover, the emerging of young generation who apply social media as a tool to earn a living with more flexibility of time and income, are getting popular today.

          In addition to revenue and productivity management, another challenge for the organization leader are to motivate and build up a unique organizational culture.  Besides, the key elements to retain employees are to support and encourage them to enhance their capability, as well as providing the opportunity of career growth, and be able to envision them with competent and successful role models.  All of the above will, as a result, urge them to use their capability with efficiency, at the same time, be happy with every day of working.

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